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par Benjamin CHAGOT, Sophie RAHUEL-CLERMONT - 29 juillet 2018


  • Kira J. WEISSMAN (PR1)
  • Sandrine BOSCHI-MULLER (PR1)



Cysteine redox enzymology, modular polyketide synthases (PKSs), molecular mechanism, catalysis, specificity, structure-function relationships, kinetics, synthetic biology



  • Sulfur redox enzymology
  • Polyketide synthases


Activity of the Molecular and Structural Enzymology (EMS) team

The EMS team is interested in establishing structure/function relationships for enzymes and multienzymatic complexes using a diverse range of expertise (molecular biology, protein production/purification, protein biochemistry, pre- and steady state kinetics, structural biology, biophysical analysis, synthetic biology, etc.), addressing issues of catalytic mechanism, as well as the molecular basis for substrate specificity and interactions with partner proteins. Targets studied can be classified into two main areas : cysteine- containing enzymes involved in redox cellular regulation and cellular metabolism and modular megaenzymes called polyketide synthases (PKSs), which participate in the biosynthesis in bacteria of secondary metabolites of high clinical value.



Support for our work is provided by various bodies, including the ANR, the Lorraine region, the Université de Lorraine (Lorraine Université d’Excellence), the Ligue Contre le Cancer, PEPS/Mirabelle, the SATT Grand Est, etc.