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Postdoc biochimie / biochemistry redox

par Sophie RAHUEL-CLERMONT - 20 septembre 2018

Position description - A 2-year post-doctoral research position, is available in the group of S. Rahuel-Clermont, Molecular and Structural Enzymology team at the Laboratory IMOPA in Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France. Our research focuses on the molecular mechanisms that underly the function of thiol peroxidases such as Peroxiredoxins in redox regulation and signaling. These Prxs biological functions are supported by well-described thiol-based biochemical mechanisms, including a peculiar hyperoxidation property, the structuration of Prxs as toroid decamers and their ability to interact with cellular partners such as the sulfinyl reductase Sulfiredoxin. The successful candidate will pursue the exploration of the Prx/Srx system enzymology at the level of Srx catalytic cycle and Prx chaperone activity, using redox biochemistry, enzymatic, kinetics-based methods and biophysical tools for protein interaction studies.

For further information – see  Roussel et al., 2008, 2009, 2011; Boukhenouna et al., 2015, Bersweiler et al., 2017

Keywords – peroxiredoxin, sulfiredoxin, redox signaling, kinetics, interactions, molecular enzymology


Scientific environment – The IMOPA lab is a joint research unit between CNRS and Université de Lorraine, located in Nancy, a human-scale town hosting 40000 students in all disciplines, at 1h30 from Paris and Strasbourg. The lab is located on the Biology-health campus in the Biopole building that also hosts the Biophysics and Structural biology platform (also part of the ARBRE European network). The MSE team has long-standing expertise in the study of thiol-based redox enzymatic systems and in molecular enzymology.


Applicant profile - We are seeking a highly-motivated candidate with strong experience in protein biochemistry and expertise in protein purification, kinetic techniques and/or biophysical techniques. Knowledge in Cys-based redox systems is a plus, but not required.

Contact – Candidates should send a cover letter describing their research interests, a CV including a list of publications and the names/emails of two (or three) references to

 Informal enquiries (via email) are welcome.


Deadline for Application – October 15st 2018.